We are a media company producing the formats and tools empowering the next generation of interactive content. We are a cutting edge studio for live internet broadcast with social web connectivity. We are a community of creatives, including artists, curators and innovators.

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Better Connected Content
We’re committed to bringing value and urgency back to live viewing experiences, by integrating innovative formats with the social web tools that we already know and love.

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A Studio for Live-to-the-Web Content
Our studio was built for live internet broadcast. Concerts, talks, roundtables, Q&A and much more, all delivered in real time with extraordinary quality and efficiency.

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A Community of Creatives
Our community of artists, innovators & entrepreneurs who come together around exclusive events at Redstar Studios. To learn about our upcoming events, joing the Union below.

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Redstar Media

At Redstar Media, we believe that content in the internet-age should be more innovative, more interactive, and offer more value as a shared live viewing experience. We believe that in order for interactivity to be meaningful, we must stop layering tools on top of content that isn’t listening, and begin developing programming formats deeply integrated with the social web, participation tools, and merchandising.

Live Broadcast Events
Live broadcast without boundaries or gatekeepers. Global audiences tuning in to watch and participate in meaningful ways with real-time urgency.
Interactive formats
Moderated formats with social web tools enable Twitter roundtables, Instagram video Q&A, Facebook virtual events, reddit video AMA sessions and much more.
Integrated Merchandising
Live broadcast provides real-time urgency and limited edition scarcity. We’re developing tools for a more meaningful & relevant integration of transactions around viewing.
Shared Viewing Experiences
It's about the experience of watching the content as much as the content itself. To that end, we're enabling all new ways to share in the moment.

Live performance and innovation exist at our core as an organization. The following series are currently in various phases of production.

Currently seeking additional production partners and distributors. Contact us below.

Redstar's mission is to be at the forefront of content innovation. We can't do it alone. We’re inviting producers who need powerful connectivity tools and efficient production, distributors who crave a new generation of interactivity for their viewers and brands who want to engage their online audience in meaningful ways. We're willing to invest in great ideas, and want to be your partner in innovative content.

Our studio is one of the most extraordinary live broadcast facilities in the nation, and we offer our expertise as a full-service studio for hire. We specialize in real-time, interactive content events with a live studio audience, but we offer a full range of studio services for your content needs.


We specialize in the following formats, producing high quality live-directed broadcasts or efficient live-to-tape productions with up to seven HD camera angles and supurb audio fidelity.

Live Concerts
Live Entertainment Broadcasts
Music, Comedy & Variety Programs

  • Private Label Showcases
  • CD Release Parties
  • Radio Sessions
  • Interactive Q&A (Twitter, reddit AMA)
  • Media Junkets
  • With or without private studio audience
Connected Meetings
Connected Meetings
Broadcast to global stakeholders

  • Interactive roundtable discussion
  • Company keynotes
  • Board meetings, earnings calls
  • Online symposia
  • Live corporate training
  • Internal Q&A
  • With or without private studio audience
  • Telepresence available
Talks and Presentations
Talks & Presentation
Private event with a global audience

  • Tech & bio symposia
  • Product demonstrations
  • Media junkets
  • Interactive Q&A (Twitter, reddit AMA)
  • Social media moderation available
  • Telepresence available
  • With or without private studio audience
Corporate Training and Demonstration
Online Education
Live classes & training sessions

  • Corporate training
  • Online classes
  • Product seminars
  • Interactive moderation
  • Panel discussion
  • Live online Q&A
  • With or without private studio audience
  • Telepresence available
HD Live Broadcast / Live-to-Tape
Our Emmy® nominated live direction creates a polished line-cut from at-least seven cameras. We deliver a fully produced product, plus iso-feeds of individual cameras.
On-site Editing Services
Available editing services mean we can deliver your vision from start to polished final product. We can refine your live directed line-cut, incorporate branded graphics packages and much more.
Live Studio Audience
Our space can accommodate a live studio audience of up to 100 standing guests, or approximately 65 when seated. We offer the option of cabaret or theatre style seating.
Remote Connectivity
In a truly unique capability, we’re able to audio engineer sessions in our space in real time over the internet. That means producers in remote locations can drive our sound mix. We also support video conferencing and connected meetings.
Private and Luxurious Atmosphere
Featuring grand chandeliers, alligator leather walls and rich wood floors, our space is designed to be a warm and opulent environment for our guests. Our hidden location is steps from some of the world’s largest tech companies.
Friendly Full-Service Staff
We take great pride in the talent & character of our full service staff. Our team member's don't just represent some of the finest talent in their respective fields, they are a joy to work with.
Proprietary Robotic Camera Systems
Distraction-free recording, thanks to our unique & proprietary silent-running robotic cameras on telescoping rack and rail systems. The result is an extremely intimate and undisturbed event between talent & studio audience.
Incredible Audio Fidelity
Concrete walls and a floating floor give our space extensive sound isolation, while exhaustive acoustic tuning and world-class componentry ensure incredible live and recorded audio.
Green Screen Studio
Our built-in green screen studio and in-house lighting offers a robust production environment for talking heads, remotes, product shoots and other special effects needs.
ISDN & Fiber Connectivity
We support both ISDN connectivity for traditional radio and television partners, as well as blazing fiber uplink for web broadcasts with minimal latency. In addition, our web players come with enterprise levels of bandwidth.

  • Green Screen
  • Film your green screen shoot efficiently at Redstar, and take advantage of our available full service production.
  • Commercial Advertising
  • Product Demo
  • Talking Heads
  • Studio Remotes & Junkets
  • Private Event
  • Host your event with us, and we'll provide full service accomodation, including:

    • Full event Staff
    • Audio engineering
    • Lighting designn
    • A/V Presentation
    • Video conferencing
    • Available set design
  • Connected meetings
  • VIP Meet & Greet / Press Junkets
  • Artist Showcase / CD Release
  • Exclusive Brand Events
  • Birthday & Anniversary Parties
  • Live Broadcast Event
  • Our core specialty, we broadcast your exclusive and intimate studio event to your global viewing audience. Includes:

    • Event + Recording Package
    • Live video direction
    • 7+ camera angles
    • Branded & embeddable video players
    • Enterprise video bandwidth
    • Production of interactive formats
  • Interview / Interactive Q&A sessions
  • Roundtables, Talks & Presentations
  • Social Media Events / Concerts
  • Corporate Interactive Meeting
  • Live Video reddit AMA sessions
  • Brand Events

Give us a shout. We're happy to answer any questions.

Redstar Media
One Kendall Square Ste. B4102
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